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Friends playing in the ocean water at sunset
Wide photo of Santa Monica beach

Santa Monica Beach Activities

Explore SoCal Coast’s Things to Do

Bayside Hotel is one of the best-located beach hotels for experiencing all there is to see and do in Santa Monica. From the beach and nearby Santa Monica pier to Venice, Hollywood and Marina del Rey, the range of things to do on land, sea or air is limited only by the imagination. 
Got sand?? We do. Tons of it. Feel like kicking off your shoes and wiggling your toes in it? As the quintessential ‘laid back’ Santa Monica beach hotel we are the arbiter of fun in the sun so here are some of our favorite things:

Our Beach Bikes

Cruise along the coastline for nearly three miles north and south of Bayside on your very own beach cruiser. We provide maps, directions and a bottle of water; the rest of your Santa Monica adventure is up to you! Beach cruisers begin at $13 per hour. We have bikes for both men, women and kids, plus child-safe tow pods and cycle arms. Check with our front desk for details.

Santa Monica Pier

At the end of Route 66 lies the famed Santa Monica Pier. For decades, the Pier has been a popular backdrop for everything from magazines to movies. Let your inner (or actual) child explore the Pier’s arcade, aquarium, carousel, restaurants, shops or concession stands just minutes away from our Santa Monica beach hotel. True romantics will want to take a spin on the solar-powered Ferris wheel for breathtaking views of the sea and the city.

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Segway Tours

 Sure, you might get a few funny looks, but you’ll have such a good time gliding along, you won’t even notice. Hop aboard a Segway and join a two-hour guided tour, or chart your own path around our beach hotel in Santa Monica. Ready. Set. Lean!

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Santa Monica Pier lit up at sunset

Annenberg Beach House

The Annenberg Beach House occupies the site of a 110-room mansion originally built by William Randolph Hearst for actress Marion Davies during the 1930s. Formerly a hangout for stars like Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, and Cary Grant, the Beach House is now open to the public. Enjoy a swim in the pool, play a game of beach volleyball, or tennis, or simply enjoy a sunset surrounded by rich California history. 

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Venice Beach

Located just south of our beach hotel in Santa Monica, Venice Beach is easily reached via the biking and blading trail that runs beside the sand outside our front door. The area is a haven for fortunetellers, sidewalk musicians, local artisans, street performers and an eclectic cast of characters. Body builders flock to Muscle Beach, an outdoor gym next to the basketball courts. Once you are on the boardwalk, why not get a tattoo?

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Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is open to all and available for play along a generous stretch of Santa Monica Beach. Volleyballs can be found for sale or rental at many nearby shops. During certain seasons, the area also hosts a number of professional beach volleyball tournaments for anyone who prefers to sit and watch rather than spike.

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Two friends walking their bikes through the beach sand

Boating in the Marina

For those wishing to take to the sea, Boat Rentals of America will make it happen. Rent a pedal boat, kayak, jet ski, sailboat or even power boat. It all depends upon your need for speed!

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Surf’s Up!

 Staying at a beach hotel in Santa Monica is a perfect opportunity to ride the wild surf! Take a lesson from a pro that includes everything you need – board, wetsuit and wax – to get you in the curl and hanging ten in no time.

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Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a beach town located south of the hotel. It is a surfer’s paradise with huge waves. Manhattan Beach also has a number of local shops, eateries, and a 928 foot pier!

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