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Santa Monica Pier lit up at dusk
Silhouetted person using gymnast rings at Santa Monica Pier
Two friends walking their bikes through the beach sand

About Santa Monica

Exploring Idyllic Southern California

Santa Monica, California, is one of the most famous cities in the world – and with good reason. Few places around the globe combine such an ideal year-round climate with countless things to do, world-renowned landmarks and rich cultural diversity. You’re going to want to see it all – and to do so all starts with picking the right hotel.

Choosing your Santa Monica accommodation means selecting from one of hundreds of luxury and economy rooms available in the area. But where does one stay in order to enjoy this oceanfront city to the absolute fullest? The following is a brief but essential guide to getting the most out of your Santa Monica beach hotel stay.

Oceanview sunset in Santa Monica

Map It Out

With so many things to do in Santa Monica, many visitors suffer from a kind of “stimulus overload” as they try to absorb all their recreation and entertainment options. For those staying only a few days in Santa Monica, not being organized can lead to missing many of the best destinations that Santa Monica and Los Angeles have to offer. And if you choose a hotel that is off-the-beaten-path, you might be costing yourself valuable time that could be spent shopping, visiting local museums or just lounging on the beach.

The solution? Get online in the days and weeks before your trip and do a little homework about the area. By researching all the things you want to see and do before packing up and heading to the airport, you will be able to select a hotel that is centrally located to everything on your radar.

We Love Questions.

The best hotels in Santa Monica are staffed by helpful, friendly individuals who just happen to know the area backwards and forwards. This is exactly what you’ll find at Bayside Hotel, a beach hotel that offers everything you could want during your Santa Monica adventure. 

Friends playing in the surf at sunset
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